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I Am a Fine Musician

Film about Theory Behind the Revolutionary Music Program Debuts May 20 Music classes are being cut from school programs, almost on a daily basis. Yet research supports the value of music education for enhancing child development – especially starting at young ages. Afterschool programs can provide a solution. I Am a Fine Musician: El Sistema’s Inspiration in a California School (IAFM) is a new documentary focusing on the implementation of the El Sistema music program in Los Angeles afterschool programs. Developed in Venezuela and now expanding worldwide, El Sistema empowers at-risk and disadvantaged youth and their communities. I Am a Fine Musician is the first documentary to focus on the educational theory which underscores the El Sistema expansion in the US. The 27-minute-long film features the children and teachers of the Verdugo Young Musicians Association (VYMA) Music Project at Longfellow Elementary. The film describes and demonstrates the value of El Sistema-inspired music education... 

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